There are two hotels next door – Exuma Beach Resort and Augusta Bay. They both have restaurants and bars with some good specials and a Thursday night barbeque with live music starting at 6:00. Augusta Bay will also allow people not staying at the hotel to use their pool. A little further down the road is The Fish Fry which is a group of shacks selling fresh fish and drinks. Shirley’s is the most well know and is open even when the others close. All are within walking distance of the resort. The sidewalk stops at the fish fry. I would not recommend walking past the side walk. Cars swerve often to avoid potholes and there is very little shoulder.

Light my Fire enjoys beautiful sunsets but check to see if they are open. The Sunday pig roast at Chat N’Chill on Stocking Island is very popular. You can get to the island by water tax from the government docks. I have found the food prices at Chat N’ Chill to be very reasonable.

The food at Splash!, the restaurant at Hideaways is quite good. I recommend the pizza, the ribs or the conch chowder. If you are on Little Exuma, check out Santana’s. It is famous for frequently hosting the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean when they were filming in the Bahamas. Big Ds Conch Spot is a favourite for fresh conch salad. However, the last time I was there they were closed and did not know when it would be reopening.

Choppy’s Bar and Grill in GeorgeTown is a popular spot around 5:00 pm when Choppy usually feeds the resident black tip sheep sharks.

Nowhere is Perfect

Midges (also known as no-see ums) are the one and only thing I hate about Exuma. I guess no place can be perfect. I have not yet found a sure-fire way to avoid getting bitten or anything that eliminates the itching.

Avoid the beach after rain. Rainfall seems to bring them out, so hold off on hitting the beach after the sky opens up and the water begins to fall. Go to the beach mid-day. Don’t bury your feet in the sand. Bring chairs or a towel large enough to lie on. There is a really large towel in the hall closet and beach chairs under the stairs. Shower after leaving the beach. Make sure all sand is washed off.

Smitty’s sells sand flea repellent. It is a combination of oils in a small spray bottle. I have also heard from locals that baby oil works. Apparently, they don’t like oil. I keep baby oil in the house so feel free to use it. I have tried Smitty’s Repellant and I did still get bitten. However, I went swimming shortly after putting it on and did not reapply after I had been in the water. Perhaps had I reapplied I wouldn’t have gotten the bites. I think that regular insect repellent works best. Eucalyptus oil is also supposed to work. I try to keep a supply of both in the linen closet. Try spraying your blanket with the Eucalyptus oil. Remember to reapply after swimming.

If you do get bitten, the following remedies are supposed to help: hydro cortisone, aloe, ibuprofen. My brother claims that tea tree oil helps.