Kayaking to Moriah Cay and Man-O-War

Kayaking to Moriah Cay and Man-O-War

Moriah Cay and Man-O-War Cay are a short distance off the shore where Great Exuma and Little Exuma connect by a bridge. One way to get to Moriah Cay is to rent a kayak. It is also possible to be dropped somewhere on great Exuma such as Haulover Bay Café and walk, wade or swim out to Man-O-War preferably at low tide. The road to Haulover Bay Café is terrible but the view is well worth the effort. It is one of my favourite places on the Island. The restaurant closed but the bar is still open. You can also rent a boat at Minn’s which will allow you to access some beautiful and deserted spots on MOW but Moriah Cay is outside the rental boundary. MOW is at the end of the area that Minn’s allows you to take their boats. There is a huge sandbar to the west of the north end of MOW. Minn’s boundary would end at that northwestern edge of MOW. You can’t take a boat further south between great Exuma and MOW where the map says Rolle Town. The water is very shallow there especially at low tide which makes the passage narrow. Go to that sandbar at the west end of MOW at low tide. You will love it. It’s amazing.

Out Island Explorers will drop kayaks off at the bridge between Great Exuma and Little Exuma for you to get to Moriah Cay and The Cut. The Cut is where the water flows in from the ocean breeze between Moriah and Little Exuma. It’s shallow at low tide and it’s beautiful. It helps make a lazy river that people talk about. Look at Google Earth and you will see it.

At time of printing Out Island Explorers charged $75 a day for a single kayak or $100 a day for a double kayak. That price includes round-trip transportation from the villa to and from the launch site.

About a half mile off the western shore of Moriah Carey is Man-O-Way Cay. In the water in between is the only close gap for the tide to make it twice daily ebb and flow. Consequently, you can take advantage of this fast-flowing ocean by laying still in the water, and you will be carried for several hundred yards. This area is one of the most popular areas for kite boarding. Off the southern shore of Man-O-War Cay is an area of shallows that attracts bonefish aficionados. Anglers come from far and wide to try their skills catching these elusive silverfish. Off the eastern shores of this cay are the mangrove forests and using your kayaks or SUPs you can spend a day weaving your way north, preferably on an outgoing tide. Spend some time on the beach, picnic, collect shells. Then when the tide has turned get back in the kayak and head back to Harborview.

If you prefer to take a guided tour, Out Island Explorers offers a half day tour for $75 per person.