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I’m the mother of two wonderful young ladies who have left home to attend universities on opposite ends of the country (Canada). We started traveling as a family when my youngest was 3. Since then we have been on many adventures around the globe.

I’ve spent the last couple of years traveling the world looking for the perfect vacation property.

While I am getting ready to settle down in one destination, they have grand plans to travel the world.

Exuma Life

The villa is a large, beachfront, two storey townhouse located within the Palm Bay Beach Club. The Club is a group of about 80 villas with shared grounds, private beach and pool.

What drew me to Great Exuma?

Exuma has the most beautiful shade of blue water I have ever seen.  Combined with the power white sand beaches, sandbars and palm trees, it is the quintessential Caribbean dream. Unlike most Caribbean destinations, it has avoided becoming a tourist trap. You will not find people wandering the beaches trying to sell you things, braid your hair or rent you chairs for exorbitant prices. In fact, you may not see anyone on the beach at all. The locals are friendly, helpful and speak English as their official language.

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